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October 2014, Vol. 3, No. 2

Trans. marit. sci. Vol.3, No.2., ISSN 1848-3313 (on-line), ISSN 1848-3305 (print) Published: October 21, 2014.


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From Editor-in-Chief

Ivica Kuzmanić

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Off shore Wind Power Plant in the Adriatic Sea: An Opportunity for the Croatian Economy

Božidar Liščić

Ivo Senjanović

Većeslav Čorić

Hrvoje Kozmar

Marko Tomić

Neven Hadžić

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Vibro-acoustic Diagnostics of Rolling Bearings in Vessels

Zbigniew Stanik

(DOI: Full text

Liquefied Natural Gas Ship Route Planning Model Considering Market Trend Change

Jaeyoung Cho

Gino J. Lim

Taofeek Biobaku

Selim Bora

Hamid Parsaei

(DOI: Full text

Fault Tree Analysis in the Reliability of Heavy Fuel Oil Supply

Ivana Golub Medvešek

Joško Šoda

Tina Perić

(DOI: Full text

Dual-Fuel-Electric Propulsion Machinery Concept on LNG Carriers

Joško Dvornik

Srđan Dvornik

(DOI: Full text

Contribution to ECDIS Reliability using Markov Model

Dean Sumić

Dragan Peraković

Marinko Jurčević

(DOI: Full text

Essential English for Pilotage and Tug Assistance - Proposal for SMCP Extension

Adelija Čulić-Viskota

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News from IMO

Tatjana Krilić

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The Adriatic’s strong ships

Marijan Žuvić

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Viški vàlcer

Ivica Roki trans. by Mirna Čudić Play audio

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