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April 2014, Vol. 3, No. 1

Trans. marit. sci. Vol.3, No.1., ISSN 1848-3313 (on-line), ISSN 1848-3305 (print) Published: April 20, 2014.


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From Editor-in-Chief

Ivica Kuzmanić

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Manoeuvring Simulation Methods Applied to Determine the Shape and Operational Condition of New Ports – Mielno Port Case Study

Lucjan Gucma

Maciej Gucma

Rafał Gralak

(DOI: Full text

Seafarer Cross-Generational Competence Skills

Olena Tyron

(DOI: Full text

Optimization of Ship Propulsion Diesel Engine to Fulfill the New Requirements for Exhaust Emissions

Branko Lalić

Ivan Komar

Danilo Nikolić

(DOI: Full text

Traffic Video Surveillance in Different Weather Conditions

Igor Vujović

Marjan Jurčević

Ivica Kuzmanić

(DOI: Full text

Institute of Excepted Perils under the Rotterdam Rules 2009

Nikola Mandić

(DOI: Full text

Meteorological Safety of Entering Eastern Adriatic Ports

Ružica Popović

Mirsad Kulović

Tatjana Stanivuk

(DOI: Full text

Transition Words in Academic Writing

Bisera Plančić

Siniša Ninčević

(DOI: Full text


News from IMO

Tatjana Krilić

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The Gentle Giant of the Adriatic

Marijan Žuvić

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