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Peer Review Process

The review process is secret and classified. Papers are blind-reviewed by three independent reviewers (minimum one foreign). Reviewers are well-known scientists within the field of the relative submitted paper.

After a paper has been submitted, the Editorial Board decides on the paper’s acceptability. If the submitted paper satisfies the submission requirements, it is checked by iThenticate. If the paper passes the check, the reviewers are selected and appointed for the review.

The review criterion is the scientific and formal appropriateness to the Journal mission. Papers are evaluated as either unsatisfactory, poor, conditional acceptance, fair, solid or excellent. Reviewers submit one of these five possible propositions.

In case two reviewers submit a negative evaluation of a paper, the submitted paper is rejected.

An additional review is required in case a paper has only one negative evaluation. The additional review is performed by a new reviewer.

Opinions and suggestions of the reviewers are sent to the author who is then obliged, together with the co-authors, to make the necessary adjustments according to the reviewers’ instructions. In case the authors disagree with the suggestions made by the reviewers, the Chief Editor reconciles the different opinions.

The final decision on a paper publication is reached at the meeting of the Editorial Board.

The publication process including the review procedure is shown in Figure 3.