Diagnostic Model of Fuel Installation of Marine Diesel Engine

  • Andrzej Grządziela Polish Naval Academy, Gdynia
  • Agata Załęska-Fornal
  • Marcin Kluczyk
Keywords: Simulation, Diagnostic model, Fuel installation, Diesel engine


The paper presents the results of simulation of marine diesel engine fuel injector malfunction and its effects on engine vibration. The work includes the analysis of the engine internal forces and their mathematical models. Simplifications are proposed to allow analyzing the system in one degree of freedom. The results of vibration simulations for the model with efficient fuel system and improperly adjusted injector are also presented. The comparison of simulation results with vibration measurements on the engine was also performed, the diagnostic model was identified and simulation errors were calculated. The complexity of other internal and external interactions is the subject of other studies by the authors. The paper analyzes only the effects of energy dissipation - vibration as a symptom of changes in the technical condition.

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Grządziela, A., Załęska-Fornal, A., & Kluczyk, M. (2017). Diagnostic Model of Fuel Installation of Marine Diesel Engine. Transactions on Maritime Science, 6(2), 93 - 108. https://doi.org/10.7225/toms.v06.n02.001
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